Web Performance QA Tester™

QA Tester gives you enterprise-grade web functional testing without coding, all in a fully supported professional product that’s configured and ready to work right out of the box. Your testing team can leverage existing skills while professional support is only a phone call away. Create the most realistic load tests possible, controlling real browsers using Selenium WebDriver.

  1. Real Browsers
  2. Run Large Test Suites
  3. Visual Test Case Editor and Debugger
  4. Data Driven Testing
  5. File Uploads
  6. Change Resistant
  7. Browser Test Case Recorder
  8. Custom WebDriver Javascript
  9. Validation/Error Detection
  10. iFrames/Multiple Windows
  11. Render Time
  12. Think Time

Real Browsers

Load Tester uses Selenium WebDriver to remotely control actual browsers and measure the render time experienced by real users.

Run Large Test Suites

Web Performance QA Tester™ can run large test suites unattended, and then mark which test cases had errors and why. It automatically captures page HTML, browser, and WebDriver logs making it easy to quickly fix your website.

Visual Test Case Editor and Debugger

A powerful browser visual editor and debugger give you point-and-click test script configuration. It automatically analyzes the browser context and configures dozens of Selenium WebDriver settings for you.

Data Driven Testing

Just about anything can be parameterized, including user inputs, validators, and element locators. For example, everything the user types in can be customized for testing, such as user names, passwords, and all data fields and validators can be customized to look for correct content based on user input.

File Uploads

Files uploads have never been easier to script. Record a single file upload with the browser recorder and then each simulated user with a real browser will upload different files.

Change Resistant

Test case maintenance is one of the major costs in running a testing program. Real browser test cases are much more resilient to changes in web page design, and require much less maintenance.

Browser Test Case Recorder

A powerful browser recorder makes it easy to record your test cases, even ones using iFrames and multiple windows. Currently Google Chrome is supported, but Internet Explorer and Firefox support is on its way.

Custom WebDriver Javascript

You’re not locked into canned behavior: access WebDriver directly to extend functionality.

Validation/Error Detection

Web Performance QA Tester™ automatically configures test cases to throw errors when things go wrong with your app, OR you can custom configure and parameterize validators to make sure all of your pages have exactly the right content.

iFrames/Multiple Windows

Handling iFrames and external windows can be tricky. Web Performance QA Tester™ makes it easy.

Render Time

Virtual browser-based testing systems can only measure how long it takes to transfer bytes. Load Tester RB™ on the other hand can measure exactly how it takes before the user sees the page. It can even create custom measurements of when particular elements become visible.

Think Time

The time users spend reading pages or inputing data is automatically configured during real browser recordings. Or you can do spot or global edits until the think times are exactly what you want.