Load Testing – QA Tester and Load Tester 6.3 New Release

Web Performance Tester tools are load and functional testing tools for optimizing your web applications.

New Features in Web Performance Tester 6.3

The Web Performance Tester 6.3 release adds the following features and improvements.

Run real-browser testcases in Internet Explorer and Firefox

The big feature in this release for both QA Tester and Load Tester is the ability to play back using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on Windows, and Chrome and Firefox on OSX.

Comments added to recordings

This upgrade inserts blue markers into the recording showing where web pages are, and you can even edit them to make more sense from a testing perspective.

Copy and paste rows in datasets

The dataset editor now supports cut/copy/paste.

To know more about the new features of Web Performance QA Tester and Load Tester 6.3…

Web Performance Tester™ Products

There are two versions:

There are two variations of Web Performance Load Tester:

  • Load Tester Virtual Browsers – Simulate up to 1,000,000 virtual concurrent users
  • Load Tester™ Real Browsers – Control up to 5,000 real browsers. Powered by Selenium/Webdriver

The program you download combines Web Performance QA Tester et Web Performance Load Tester.