Web Performance Load Tester™

Web Performance and Load Testing

Unique Feature – How Many Users Analysis

Web Performance User Capacity Analysis clearly measures your site’s capacity based on either simple performance goals or complicated Service Level Agreements (SLA). You can use our default performance goals, or get as detailed or as technical as you like.

Load Testing with Virtual

Virtual Browser Load Testing

HTTP-based record and configure load testing makes designing accurate load tests as easy as clicking links on your website. Generate up to 1,000,000 concurrent users in your lab or from the cloud.

Run Your Tests. Repeat.

Tests automatically and deftly handle many server and client variables – firewalls, load balancing and cookies just work.

Comprehensive Reports

Turn data into understanding with Load Tester reports. The Executive Summary and Performance Goals sections explicitly summarize the pages that need troubleshooting, in an easy-to-read checklist. And every bit of data is charted for additional analysis.

Handle Modern Web Technology

The modern web is more complicated than single page loads. If your web product uses AJAX requests or responds with JSON data, you can trust Load Tester to react correctly and continue giving you the most accurate performance measurements.


  • Server Monitoring™ – Choose web server monitoring to trace clientside slowdowns back to their source.
  • dynaTrace – Integrate Load Tester Virtual Browsers with CompuWare’s dynaTrace transaction monitor.

The addon does not include dynaTrace license and it does not work with Load Tester Real Browsers.